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SPA - Single Page Application

SPAs are one page web applications accessed by browsers. It gives specific information for that actual website.
It's a good way for business owners to get their site, their footprint on the Internet without having to pay a lot of money or fees for hosting.

The target business for this particular single page application method is kind of like the yellow pages of the past.

One page, one target to provide information and possible a one click method of selling an item or sending the customer to buy different items.

How would this one SPA work ?

Would would host your domain on a single virtual host and allow you to use Word Press to manage this one page application....

There are a lot of one page templates out there that you can use.

-wordpress management
-one page
-one email account to send or receive email or an email alias pointing to another email address.
-You can point to another site for your customers to purchase something
-Email contact pages are acceptable

*Multiple Pages not allowed
*No shopping cart integration

Starting at $2.50 a month!

*Billable 6-months at a time*

SPA Single Page Application

SPA Single Page Application

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